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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baptism Book (free download) in 4 color options!

Baptism Book (free download)

These images fit in a photo book for a 4 x 6 photo, you can just upload them to your local photo shop And then put them in a photo book.

To see the larger booklets CLICK HERE

There are 26 pages to choose from, and I have done each back in 3 different colors (pink, green and blue),  just in case you want to make a girl one or a boy one.

I  just loved this, made it as a gift for my first Nephew ;) and My sister is just in love with them as well!! :D

I got a plastic (flimsy kind) photo album at the dollar tree and it works great! 

Then I added some scrap book/cardstock papers at the back (since you will still have extra sleeves after all your pages are printed and put inside the sleeves. These papers I made work as a personal reflection of the child's baptism day. So, for example: one page was... 
  • a spot for 'a picture of me on my baptism day' 
  • and/or 'a picture of my family' 
  • 'picture(s) of family and friends who came'
  • and a page for 'how I felt after I was baptized' 
  • a page for 'family & friends notes & encouragement'
  • (a note from us) "Dear Carter,... Congrats!", etc.

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  1. Preston is getting baptized in March and this would be a sweet memory gift to give him. I especially like the pages at the end with sweet notes and special pictures of their special day. Such a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Wow! I cant believe you already have an 8-yr-old! I am sure you think the same thing though, ha. I am so glad you like this and can use it for Preston!


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