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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CUTE 'Ant Hill' Rice Crispy Treats *Great for Halloween or any Bug themed Party!*

Interested in using these treats for a bug themed Party? 
Or a fun Snug-as a bug themed Baby Shower? 

These make great:

Party Favors
Party Desserts
Halloween neighbor treats
Visiting Teaching treats!

Rice Crispy Treats with chocolate chip ants (for the bodies) 
**Could also make ones with red hots for red ants! (I used red sprinkles on half and they still looked great)


  • **Mix your ingredients over the stove, as usual, then when they have cooled, scoop out and firmly press the treat mixture into a small cooking funnel (to shape!) This will give you the fun 'ant hill' shape.
  •  Then grab 3 chocolate chips and place them together in any direction for your ant :)
    OR use red hots or red colored M&M's for RED ANT bodies. I used red sprinkles on some because that's what I had, but loved this touch too!

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