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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY recycled Baby Shower ideas SNUG-AS-A-BUG!

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Decoration materials
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Used a spider from 'My 'Friendly Pet Spider' Post:
Click here
Hung it from a sign!

This theme was originally for My little Guy's 1ST Birthday Pary...'Our little Bug is turning one' Theme :)
Easy Scrap book paper bunting!

Beetles--Black olives
Snail shells: Vanilla wafers, bananas, sprinkle color of your choice (green would be even more snail like, although I had rainbow! still fun :)
BBQ slugs--Crockpot BBQ Lil' Smokies
Crunchy Butterfly Wings: Any chip (I used veg dip chips from costco---yummy seasoned tortilla chip with veg. in them)
Mixed Bug Bodies & Cream--Fruit Salad with Cool Whip on the side for topping  (Like having mixed nuts)
Glow Bug Punch--1 Liter 7up, sprite, or gingerale. Some Fat free or reg (fat free tastes just as good!) Lime (or rainbow) Sherbert!    Also added some glow sticks to mine for a bit of 'glow' touch while serving ;)  A flashlight placed behind your bowl would work even more (whether dimmed lighting or not)  I failed to get a finished product picture with the glow sticks or the flash light, so I am so sorry!FAVORS:

Used Six-lets and tied textured (hand cut and hole punched--To give them that 'Bug-Eatin' LOOK) leaves to them with twine (gave it the earthy look) and stamped them with 'THANKS'

-Materials needed for decor-

Paper Caterpillars: Pick your paper(s). Trace circular cookie cutter or use a stencil to make 7 circles (each caterpillar). If you have fun edged scissors, use them! Otherwise, you can still make cute caterpillars without them! The edged scissors just give it a little more fun. Then cut them out and place them back side up. Arrange them in the position you want them (remember one is the head) and then tape them together in the shape you like--overlapping the circles just enough.
Party Garland: Straws (colored stripes---got mine at the dollar store), string or twine...beads. Cut the straws in half or in thirds. Strand them on your string alternating with the beads. THATS IT!

Scrapbook bunting: Just draw on the backs of your chosen scrap book paper, large and small sized diamond shapes. Think about if you want a pattern (more than one print or color of paper) so you can estimate how many you will need of each. Decide where you want to hang this garland so you can measure out your string and guess how many flags you will need...

After cutting them out, fold them right down the middle and the either tape, glue or hot glue (a dot) them together. Leave a good amount untouched by glue or tape where you folded it the paper down the center so that you can string your ribbon, string or twine through for hanging!

Over-sized Confetti: Circle punch or cut with scissors, different shapes in large sizes (on sturdy thick paper)--I used sparkly dark green card stock to make large triangles, and some lighter and some moss green to make leaves (then hole punch creatively for the bug eaten effect!---BEST PART) *I also cut out some of the eyeless bugs (pics below) to toss on the table.
Bug (Can) Centerpieces: Cutie Bugs Stencil 
(from joann $1.99 but even cheaper with a coupon!)
--scrapbook paper (I used mostly grass print)
--Acrylic paints and brushes
--Popsicle sticks
--Hot glue (your painted bug cut out onto the front and back of your stick)
Make a slice with a knife into the top center of the (already covered with cute paper) formula can prop and push the popsicle stick through to desired height.
Plant Vases: Just some blue bottled water bottles (my favorite water actually from Maceys! ;) and some green plants from the dollar tree (I had). Fill the base with something heavy-like. I used bird seed, but you could use dried white beans or small rocks, etc.
Soda bottom bottle frog: Had a Liter of 7-UP. Rinsed it out, let dry. took a sharp knife to cut in half. Then used a black sharpy to draw about where I wanted to cut the shape of the frogs body, not to forget two legs (show in the front). BE SURE TO allow (cut on the outside of your black lines) the black lines for the legs in front to remain so that they are easier to see when its displayed. Then cut out with scissors. Place large googly eyes on two bumps (these looked like eye bulges to me so this is where the idea came from originally ;) Used Red foam I already had to draw and cut out a long and narrow tongue (could use this paper though). Put a fly on the tip of the tongue. Drew on the nose and mouth before hot gluing on the tongue.
Book shelf Bug Jars: Baby food jars. Could spray paint the lids a cute color, but I left mine plain. Put some of the bugs from the bug pictures below inside.
Produce Saver Lids--Used these as Frames for some extra bugs I stenciled, and hung on the fridge with magnetic hooks (already had) But you could easily hang these on any wall around your food or entertainment space.
Advice Cards: Stamped some index cards covered with a tad of cute paper, with a beehive. Wrote 'Advice' on it. Took a moment before opening gifts to allow everyone to write down any advice they have, and then also allowed time for anyone to share advice...then put the cards in a vine decorated jar (for mommy-to-be to keep)

-----Wall/jar/table decorations-----
Photos I printed (or almost did!) from Google images to cut out and use for decorations:

This frog print I added 'Fly Back Soon!' 
to place on the inside of the door (when people leave)


  • We played the NAME THAT BABY (Animals) Game---You can search for lists of baby animal names through google, and compile a list of your favorites (as i did) and I included some insects to tie it into the bug theme. [I wish I had the one I made up, but I dont...was on a different computer we no longer have, sorry!] I included bugs like butterfly, Bee, Grasshopper, spider, etc. Some insects have the same baby names....SO I kept a few that had the same as trickier ones for the list!

  • Once you have the amount of baby animals and the insects you want, type up your sheets to print for game hand outs. I found some adorable animals when I browsed through my clip art on Word, or Google-ing...then added those pictures to the top and bottom of my sheets...were REALLY cute!
Make sure to make a key for yourself!

 What better than...

  • We also Played POINTS IN YOUR PURSE---Again you can Google this game and see what different things you would want to have on your list. I looked around and chose all the ones I liked the best or thought were more age appropriate for my guests age,etc. as well as the points each would be worth. Very fun, because this one truly has all to do with what you have in your purse and takes the thinking out of the game for something a little more relaxing. Whoever has the most points or items (however you want to do it) wins!

Of course, right!?
haha...well I thought it was perfect :)

 Found this picture of a dollar bill through...Google-ing! you guessed it!...and cut and wrapped around a candy to go with some gold change ;)

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