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Thursday, October 2, 2014

OH Deer! Easy Costume Idea

 So,...are you anything like me and always wanted to be a deer for Halloween!?...Okay, me neither, haha, but my sister came across the idea last year, and I gave it a try...

I mean, look how cute this lil one is, right!? AND it was pretty darn easy altogether!

What I used:
  • white eyeliner for nose/middle of brows and cheek spots
  • brown eyeliner for lines under eyes and and fully lining eyes like wehn regularly using eyeliner
  • peachy pink colored eyeshadow to blend top of nose (white) with my forehead
  • black shimmery eyeshadow to daarken eye lids
  • black liquid eyeliner (although regular would work too) to line my nose and fill in and darken eye brows
  • tan shimmery eye shadow to tan/brown my nose (around black lines)
  • bronzer and blush under (before) applying spots!
  • oh and a little pinkish colored lip liner to fill in my lip color a bit!!
LAST, some leaves or sticks or both to act as ears and antlers :)

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