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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

friendly PET Spiders! (easy kids craft!)

friendly pet spider
Made these for my nursery class originally and then some for hanging around the house! (and one for my some to carry around, just loves it!)

What you need to make a spider pet:
*optional---what you use for the legs (could use pipe cleaners)
*optional---what you use for eyes (could use cheerios ---or even paint them green red or yellow!---
*optional---fun edged scissors to give texture to the body ;)
Googly eyes 
hot glue or tape (attaching legs)
paper of any kind
white string for 'leash' (web)
circle stencil (i used cookie cutter!) to make body
hole punch (put in as far as the punch will allow---shouldnt be very center...great for letting it hang downwards anyways ;)

Tape will do, if that is all you have, but I would suggest using Elmer's or hot glue (depending on kid or parent making it) for more lasting durability (to store and re-use each year)

Pics of Different color spider's coming soon!...

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