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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowmen Trio [Recycled-- Puff containers!]

What you need:

1.Styro-foam or wood base   *OPTIONAL
I put four tooth picks in between these two random packing pieces of foam I had lying around, and then cut out a poster board paper to elmer's glue to the top (to allow all others pieces to be attached without melting through the foam)
2. Clear or shiny flat marbles/stones
3. Elmers AND hot glue gun
4.Fabric: scraps (scarves)
5. Baby/toddler socks (hat/beanie)---got mine at the dollar store---
6. Buttons
7. Sharpie markers
8. Cotton ball cut in half (for ear muffs) and glitter (dip in elmers glue first)
9. Orange juice caps (hats)


  1. Empty containers and clean out well
  2. Tie on scarves, and then draw faces on! (to make sure you don't draw its face to low and it be covered by the scarf!)
  3. Hot glue on your buttons and head accessories (hats, muffs)
  4. Glue container bases to your base (where my blue circles are in the picture below!)---or just have them free standing (separately or together around your home)
  5. *If you chose to have a base to glue them onto, then this is when you will want to hot glue and lay down your flat marbles, in a two layer process (check above pics)

TA-DA!  :D

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

[Recycled] Fall Jar Decor!

All you need is...
  • Jars of any kind (I have here a Prego jar, relish jar, and couple others I liked the shape or size of--- and just washed them out well)
  • Fabric scraps/strips and hot glue [to fasten the ends to the jar and each other] ;)
  • corn husks (purchased mine at a yard sale years back for way cheap, but sure you could get at any craft store and use a coupon or wait until on sale!)

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

For more craft ideas, etc. visit threetimesthelady.blogspot.com !!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Plastic divider--- Window CLINGS [recycled]

What you will Need:
  1. Plastic dividers in the color you want (doing pumpkins, use orange, etc.)
  2. scissors
  3. tape
  4. a window!
Super Easy!!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

friendly PET Spiders! (easy kids craft!)

friendly pet spider
Made these for my nursery class originally and then some for hanging around the house! (and one for my some to carry around, just loves it!)

What you need to make a spider pet:
*optional---what you use for the legs (could use pipe cleaners)
*optional---what you use for eyes (could use cheerios ---or even paint them green red or yellow!---
*optional---fun edged scissors to give texture to the body ;)
Googly eyes 
hot glue or tape (attaching legs)
paper of any kind
white string for 'leash' (web)
circle stencil (i used cookie cutter!) to make body
hole punch (put in as far as the punch will allow---shouldnt be very center...great for letting it hang downwards anyways ;)

Tape will do, if that is all you have, but I would suggest using Elmer's or hot glue (depending on kid or parent making it) for more lasting durability (to store and re-use each year)

Pics of Different color spider's coming soon!...

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy-Pea'sy ... Peas 4 Breakfast!

For all you Pea lovers out there!


 Fold peas into your eggs until fully cooked

Sprinkle cheese of your choice on top or into your eggs, and then sprinkle with paprika :)


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Witch's Cauldron TEA LIGHT HOLDER [recycled]

To make your very own Cauldron Tea Light holder, you will need:
  1. Tea light!
  2. Small cauldron---I got mine from a Michaels, a good few years back (and when it was 50% off! yes!) for about 3-5$ at the most...on sale ;)  but I found the very same one online at a few different sites, but all about $10: http://www.candycrate.com/halloween-hot-chocolate-cauldron-tin.html?gclid=COLVzNKauroCFclDMgodNFEAyQ click on this site...or google 'hot chocolate caudron' and you can see all the others for the same price (or more!)  
**If $10 seems to be more than you'd like to spend...I would suggest waiting until after Halloween to see if they go on sale, but if money isnt an issue for you and you want to use the hot chocolate as a Halloween 'event' for your family or friends this Halloween then GO FOR IT! It is a treat and a craft!!

    3. Glitter and Elmers glue for the potion/brew center! (any neon or Halloween color would do: green, red, orange...) I used purple :P
    4.  Spray paint (or acrylic paint and a coat of Modge Podge---what I used because that is what I had around)
    5. Any embellishments, although I used some adhesive gem clusters (come with a sticky back and in cluster just the way you see in the photo)


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Spider Garland [RECYCLED]--SUPER Easy!

 String around a mirror or hang from a book shelf :)
**would look even better against a different wall color!!

What you need to make your own:

  1. Clear (or any color really) string of some kind...I use clear stretchy string for beads.
  2. bag(s) of spider rings (any colors)
  3. dryer sheets---for the web ;) (i used ones that had already been put in the dryer (recycled!) BUT i think that sheets not through the dryer would work just fine :)
  4. scissors
  5. tacks or strong tape to attach to desired spot (indoor or outdoor, etc)
How to make:
  • simply cut strips (of desired length) of your new or used dryer sheets
  • place your spiders in order you want on your table (if wanting to have a pattern or good variation of color (if using colored that is ;)
  • cut the length of your sting to fit your door way or mantel, etc (whatever you will be haning it on!) plus an inch or so on each side to allow for a place to loop and hook onto a tack or place a piece of tape :)
  • then TIE on your spiders with your dryer sheet strips and... 
You've got it!

NOT ONLY will this decoration look Great, 
BUT it will smell Great too! ;)

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paint sOmEtHiNg eErie!

paint something eerie

I painted this I believe in 2006?? In an oil painting class I took at school. We did lots of versions of trees and one of them I decided to do a sort of Halloween feel, so now...I decided to incorporate it into my home decor! to enjoy it some and not keep it in a box all year ;)

If you would like to make one for your self, here is what you'll need:
  • Go buy a canvas (or Masonite board/panel as I have used [lots thinner] + a TON cheaper)--got mine from Home Depot [...and just have then cut the main board into all different sizes for a variety and use in other future projects!] ---about 1/4 in thick
***Here is a link to a great site for big panels click here for inexpensive masonite panels online (and i am sure you could ask someone to cut them down for you for free or very cheap at a Home depot!

  • SO YOU DECIDE------If you decide to get the Masonite board you will also need to get some Primer (Called 'Gesso') and apply about three coats before starting your art work (sanding in between is optional depending on how much effort you want to put in or the desired look you are going for) The Gesso gives you a clay like surface and is great for wanting to paint multiple layer (like with oil painting)---otherwise the canvas is already to be painted on!
  • Get some oil paints and brushes and start painting!

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Spinach Rice --Topped with Grilled chicken-- [Healthy!]

  1. 1 Can (14 1/2 oz) chicken broth
  2. 1 tsp. dried Italian seasoning (one of my favorite food additives!)
  3. 1 cup chopped spinach
  4. 3/4 cup uncooked regular long grain white rice (although I used minute rice and it worked great---only was don in about 12-14 min!)
  5. 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
  6. grilled chicken--or meat of choice (store bought or made from chicken breast would probably taste the best)

*Optional Substitutions:
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (orig. recipe calls for) instead of mozzarella
  • Could use brown rice (minute rice or reg.) as well as probably Quinoa instead of the white rice.

  1. Heat broth and Italian seasoning in 2-qt saucepan over med-high heat to a boil.
  2. Stir in spinach and rice. Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook 12-14 min (with minute rice) or ~20 minutes for regular rices/ or until rice is tender.
  3. Stir in cheese before serving. Serve with additional cheese, if desired
  4. Top with grilled chicken...

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Black Widow! [RECYCLED]--eASY kID'S cRAFT!

hALLoWEen is Coming! 

How to make your very own widow...
You will need:
  1. Black pipe cleaners
  2. party bead necklace + scissors (each bead you cut is one spider eye!)
  3. egg carton (one egg spot is one spider's body)
  4. 4 red 'rain drop' shaped beads (fangs and red hour glass)
  5. hot glue gun to attach all pieces   (put a huge layer of hot glue under the bottom to form a nice solid piece that will keep your legs in place)
  1. *Black acrylic or spray paint (optional) to color the spiders body black
Have fun!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Such a timeless and easy project !

What you need to make a TANK-TOTE:
  1. Any new or old tank top of your choosing
  2. Preferrably a sewing machine (although you could sew by hand if needed)
  3. Any fabric scraps, button-pins, iron-on patches, etc...to attach where desired!

  • Iron on anything you would like added as decor first (to make it easier on yourself)
  • Take tank and turn it inside out
  • Sew the bottom of the tank closed by about a half in. or so.
  • Add all fabric scraps (tie around handles) button-pins, etc.


Additional ideas: 
Make one in several colors, or different patterns!
Make one for a 'sleep over' bag :)
One for the beach or pool...
babysitters 'fun' bag (with treats & activities inside) <3
use one as a reusable grocery bag!
Quiet/activity bag for church ;)
Library Bag [>
~Use as a gift bag or gift alone ~

Have fun and be creative! 
The list could go on and on...

What do yo think? 
Have you made your own tank tote yet?

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Treat Tins! [recycled] (for any occasion or holiday!)

Up-cycle your formula cans (or any other you have around) into adorable treat gifts!

What you'll need to make some of your own treat tins:

1.)Any  container that you can fit a good size treat in :) (cleaned out well)
2.)Scrap book paper + scissors for cutting it down to size (fitting paper to the can)
3.)Curling ribbon is best, but any ribbon should do the job (to tie on the note)
4.) whole punch (string the ribbon though and then the note)
5.) hot glue gun (attach the paper to can)
*6.) glitter glue for extra fun and detail to your treat cans!(optional)

Happy Gifting!

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