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Friday, November 14, 2014

Turkey Day Bunting & Matching Place cards!

Finished Product:
  • Bunting/garland = 6 total turkeys (2 of each pattern scheme) BUT if you do double sided, like me its really 12 turkeys!  

  • Turkey place cards= 10 turkey cards (mixture of same patterned papers in same & different sizes of patterned circles)

What You'll Need:

  • Popsicle Sticks (8-12 for two-sided bunting---depending on type of legs you choose) Mine was about 8 sticks [2 overstuffed turkey leg (need only one per turkey when doing these), and the rest (4) were standing (double sided) legs]
  • 3 Circle Stencils OR 3 Circle Cookie Cutters (Different sizes)
  • Pen or pencil to trace...& Scissors
  • Candy corn noses (I used 12 for my double sided bunting---6 front 6 back)
  • At least 3 different patterned papers (I used 9 different prints---2 turkeys with each set of 3)
  • 2-3 different colored cardstock papers   Will be for the 'feathers'
  • Small heart Cut outs (or cut out your own) I used a CriCut Machine and it gave me various sized ones, which I thought was fun!
  • Hole punch
  • Puff Paints  black and white (for the eyes)
  • Hot Glue and Stick or Elmer's Glue
1. To make one turkey, trace two large circles in same print (on the back of the paper), two medium circles on a different pattern paper, and trace two small circles on your last patterned paper.

**Glue your circles in place with stick or Elmer's glue, and add candy corn nose and heart 'gobbler' with hot glue for strong quick hold!

2.  To make the 'over-stuffed' turkey legs...cut one Popsicle stick right down the middle (or shorter if you like) and cut the end off of two other sticks to give you two rounded pieces for each leg (saving the left over stick pieces for your regular turkeys legs to come)
**Now...Hot glue your toes to the end of the legs and then the legs totally horizontal under your turkeys body. And then you can put another matching turkey body on the backside (hot gluing only at the base---on your Popsicle sticks---you will see why later!

3. To Make the Pigeon-toed Turkey legs: Put together another turkey body and only glue on the candy corn nose at first to give you a good idea of where you want to place your legs...Now use two of your raw edged sticks (like from your first turkey above---left over pieces) and cut off two smaller ends. Glue those together and onto the FRONT of your turkey! Now flip over and hot glue on your matching turkey body and make a second set of the same legs to hot glue behind your first ones (and still only hot gluing the legs and lower body together to keep the upper body open!)

4.   Grab your scissors and make some rounded triangle like snips (I did 4 on each turkey) 

OR you can wait until the end and fray your turkey instead, or do some of each! 
(still making sure to not snip any of the middle card stock at the center top!--to be able to hole punch and hang)

5. Next, take your biggest circle Cookie cutter/stencil and make 6 circles (for your bunting--one circle will show on both sides if you are doing the double sided bunting) keep it a full circle if you are only doing one-sided

**if doing double sided: once you cut those out, trim off the bottom part of the circles. Doesn't have to be perfect because you only will be seeing the tops at the end. If you are making the matching place cards as well you can cut out more circles in this or your other colors now too!

6. NOW THIS IS WHY I WAS SAYING TO ONLY HOT GLUE THE BOTTOMS...you are going to slip in these card stock "half-circles" into the middle of your turkeys...hot gluing only the bottom edges to your biggest circle layer. Will need to pinch it a little so be careful because is it HOT glue ;)

**Once that is glued and dry you will hole punch behind your top center flap.

7. MAKE YOUR EYES!  I did some black with white centers and some white with black centers. Mainly because I didn't want my white paint on whiter head to get lost and washed out...but it also added a nice variation  :)

8. MAKE your own triangles (like this) OR BUY some triangles for your bunting to add to your strand of turkeys
For this bunting I used  Huggies wipe dividers and decorated them simply with sharpy markers


         ~~Matching Place Cards~~        

 **You will make one sided turkeys (just like in the steps above)

Can choose to add eyes or leave empty for a more mature or modern look :)

Extra Materials needed:
  • Card stock of your choice to have as your cards and any different colors to use for your bigger circle 'feathers'
  • Marker or pen to write names

Love these like I do!??

**If you are in a total-turkey mood, make these fun turkey treat tags with extra turkeys from this craft!!

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