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Friday, November 14, 2014

Any Occasion...Party Bunting and Colorful Party Garland 'How-to'

Need: Scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, any kind of glue, string.

Scrapbook bunting: Draw on the backs of your chosen scrap book paper, large and small OR large and medium sized diamond shapes. Think about if you want a pattern (more than one print or color of paper) so you can estimate how many you will need of each. Decide where you want to hang this garland so you can measure out your string and guess how many flags you will need...

After cutting them out, fold them right down the middle and the either tape, glue or hot glue (a dot OF WHICHEVER KIND) them together. Leave a good amount untouched by glue or tape where you folded the paper down the center so that you can string your ribbon, string or twine through for hanging!

So I had these straws and just about every single one that I took from the bag to put in a drink would break as soon as I pulled on the accordion neck (where is should bend). This really bothered me! ha ha...I was mad they didn't work, but then thought...I am sure I can make some use of these some how...hmmm...As I have used these same colored straws in a snowman craft a good few years back (will put that link on here soon!) So I came up with this colorful straw and bead garland!

I think it would be most perfect for a carnival or circus themed party!!! But really it can go with any colorful decorations (used first for my sons birthday party and then with the 'snug as-a-bug' baby shower decor!)

Need: Bag of color striped straws (can get at the dollar tree), acrylic beads (i used ones that were a little clear (gave it a bit of a sparkle when lights shone through, and mixed in some solid black beads too), scissors, string.

Party Garland: Cut the straws in half or in thirds (removing the bending part completely). Strand them on your string alternating with the beads. THATS IT!
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