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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vintage Yo-plait Halloween 'treat containers' (pen cups) --Don't toss that yogurt!

Good Ol'




As cute Decorative touches! 

To Make these Up-cycled cups, you will need:
This paper is called: Texts  Mini Scraps  Paper Passport (made by Provo Craft)
  • Yo-plait yogurt cups (rinsed and dried)
  • paper of your choice (I chose a more vintage style paper, AND black and white magazine paper to make one 'book page' looking ghost)
  • My Paper---->the picture to the right here...I couldn't find it in a store because its retired paper, but I did find the same thing (almost, you'll see why...click here------->) on Ebay! The 5pc pack for $1.25! So this has a redish brown color instead of the orange-y. Could still work nicely with the vintage look being this color for a pumpkin, or you could even mix some orange paper of your own with it OR use your own orange paper altogether. You choose!
  • Modge-podge or Elmers glue
  • (optional) Thin ribbon, twine,etc. if wanting to make the treat pails (handle)
  • (optional) hole punch--if making the treat pails, or a circle punch pattern around the top rim of your cup.
  • scissors
  • Sharpy marker I used black for all
  • foam brush or paint brush
  • rip the paper you will be using for your chosen container character (all different shapes and sizes and lengths to get that pieced together look--decopage!)--will probably rip some as you go, if you need to fill a certain size space...
  • cover whole cup with your glue
  • place one piece of your paper on at a time and remember to put glue on top of that piece before applying the next paper--This makes sure that how ever you choose to layer their will be enough glue under and on top of each paper!
  • Cover entire cup--go over whole thing with your brush to make sure its as flat to the cup as you'd like and has a nice thin coat of glue to seal the top.
  • Let dry
  • optional--hole punch where desired (rim circle pattern for cute look, OR two holes to make your 'treat pail')
  • draw on your faces!
Hope you like these as much as I do!

 You Can use them for gifting treats to neighbors, co-workers, for Visiting Teaching, children you teach OR as party favors/decor!

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  1. Did you make those Yoplait decorations? They are SO cute!!!! I love the print out too. Do I just print it on card stock? and one more question, what did you do for the frame behind the print out? I like the colors. It's too cute!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I did :). Thanks!! And what you do is click on the size print you want (to download to your computer) And then print them at your local Walgreen's or Costco photo center. That make sense?

      The frame I have actually was a tile picture I got for free. It had like a huge picture of a light house on it before (made with the separate tiles) but I wanted to make something out of it, so I just covered each tile with some scrap book paper! And then taped the back of my picture to it so I can change out my print each season! Ya know?! So if you wanted something like it you could just frame a cute piece of scrapbook paper and tape or clothespin a picture on the top...?

  2. I LOVE the idea of framing scrapbook paper and just taping a cute print on to it. Thanks for that, because I have some old frames and spray paint and cute scrapbook paper too! lol so I could just change and change and change.
    where did you get the paper you used for the bat, pumpkin, and Frankie? It looks like tissue paper sometimes, but you said it was more of an antique paper. Would it work with just plain ol construction paper? You're so creative!!!

    1. So that paper... I have been meaning to put a pic of what it looks like on there! So... the paper is on there now (click on the link)!

  3. Thank you for trying to find that for me.


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