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Friday, October 9, 2015

Spooky Door Decor---Bats!

Spooky Door Decor---Bats!

If I remember correctly... I saw these adorable shaped bats on nick jr. or some younger kids tv station during a show break (As a part of their Halloween fun for the month of October)...AND jotted down the shape and made my own decor from them, ha! They were that cute :) And I don't regret it, I love these little guys!

What you need to make your own:

  1. Black or gray felt + scissors
  2. Fabric (if doing bats, black and/or gray fabric or prints will look best)
  3. Twine (or ribbon/string of some sort in any color)
  4. Buttons or embellishments
  5. hot glue + a few Popsicle sticks (to place one in between felt and fabric to keep shape flat!)
  6. hook of some kind to attach to door (could also use tape if you do not have a hook)
  • Cut out shapes of your bats in the felt material...then trace those felt shapes onto your fabrics (back side) with a white colored pencil
  • Attach the fabric to the felt with hot glue around the edges  (could do double sided if you want t make it as a mobile!)
  • glue on buttons for the eyes
  • tie some different shaped bows at the bottom and add buttons to the center of those
  •  Place one large button at the very bottom to add weight to your strand of bats!
  • Hang on your front (or the inside) door, cabinet, wall, or door handle :)

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