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Friday, October 9, 2015

Missionary 'Goodies bag'

Missionary 'Goodies bag'

This bag was made out of fabric scraps that I had around, although you could very easily choose to go even further with different patterns and colors if you'd like!

To make the missionaries goodies bag you will need:
1.) Some fabric of any kind that is at least a foot to a foot and one half in width and length
(I used some white felt, and white to resemble a Sunday white shirt)
2.) Black fabric or felt to make the rectangle shaped missionary tag
3.) A fabric scrap of any color or pattern for your design to make a tie shape
4.) Some ribbon for the tie strings
5.) A sewing matching, pins, and any color thread to attach items to the bag!

Need some help in filling this gift bag!? Some suggestions...
*any candy/treat or food that your missionary just loves/cannot find in the area where they are serving...a photo album.
*spiritual helps, such as books. 
*Useful things such as pens,socks, ties...most things small!

Missionary 'Goodies bag'

Fill it up, tie it shut, and Ship it off!!

Missionary 'Goodies bag'

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