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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free 'Valentine Printable's! (3x5 & 4x6)

Free Valentine Printable's! (3x5 & 4x6) Valentine,You are a Star!

So here are some Adorable & inexpensive Valentine Ideas! 

Thought of these fun ideas when looking through my stash of kid stuff (fast food toys, free things, hand me downs, etc.) that I save for Different 'Goody Basket'-Holidays, such as, Valentines Day & Easter (in our home).
And pair those toys with some sweet FREE Printable Valentines and how can you go wrong!???

Both Prints are also, what I would consider being, unisex :D YAY! So whether it be for a boy or a girl, you can make it work (for the cars...just pick a pink purple or red one and you'd be safe).

All Prints are good for printing in either 3x5 (wallet size) or 4x6 size :)

Free Valentine Printable's! (3x5 & 4x6)
I like to print my things at Costco, but at home works just as good ;)
(only .74 for these 2 sheets of 4 wallets!)

What I love about these prints is that you can really pair these with anything Star or Car Related...
Not sure exactly what I mean? 

Here are some Examples: Cupcakes/whole cake (themed or shaped like a star or car), candy (starburst), toy, activity, a balloon.

What I had was a dollar bin Glow in the dark Plastic Stars. (Toys 'R Us--kids b-day 3$ off $3 or more coupon in the mail--so mine was actually free!) Ya know, the ones you stick on your bedroom wall and they glow in the dark. Thought this would be a great Valentine for my 3 year old, but hey, this really doesn't get 'too young' for a kid until maybe teenage years!
 So this Valentine can work for a wide age range ;)

Free Valentine Printables! (3x5 & 4x6)

Free Valentine Printables! (3x5 & 4x6)
*could easily just tape the back of the valentine to the package & write To: & From: on the plastic with a Sharpy :) Otherwise, write on the back of the valentine print with a marker.

But I chose to use some small cellophane bags to tie up with some curling ribbon.
Free Valentine Printables! (3x5 & 4x6)

Free Recognition Printable! (3x5 & 4x6) You are a Star!
This one I thought could be good for anytime child recognition!  
(teachers to students, or parents to children...etc.)

Parent Ideas: Parents could use as a 'Finally Potty Trained' Gift/Reward
OR For any goals that have been reached...such as...Did their chores without being asked for a whole week (or month! whichever...)

Teacher Ideas:
Student kindness, helpfulness, a school/program/Church accomplishment...whatever nice attribute's you are trying to encourage...or the finishing of a project.

And for the Car Valentine, you can easily get dollar tree, or dollar bin (target, toys R' Us....lots of places have them) Cars. Super inexpensive! I hat a couple packs of hot wheels stashed away that were on sale in a grocery store, but I had a gift card, so got those free also. But there are always sales on toys, so if you just watch you can get some steals on things and save them for times like these!

Free Valentine Printables! (3x5 & 4x6) You CAR a Great Friend, Valentine!

This one also works as 3x5 or a 4x6 print :)

Who will you be sharing one of these Valentine's with?   <3
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