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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Free LEGO magazines for LEGO fans ages 4-12 years! (click to see SIMPLE details)

Free LEGO magazines for LEGO fans ages 4-12 years! (click to see SIMPLE details)

Go here and Click on Register in the top right corner!


The LEGO Club is an entirely FREE-to-join club for LEGO fans ages 4-12 years. When your child wishes to join LEGO Club, you can allow them to subscribe to the free LEGO Club Magazine and access the safe & secure LEGO Club website. You can also receive the LEGO Club email newsletter, with the most up to date LEGO news and features. 

Being a LEGO Club member lets a young LEGO fan become part of a world-wide community of talented, creative and incredibly imaginative fellow builders, all in a completely safe and secure way.


The process is quite simple but has a few steps that require your attention and a couple of things to watch for.

1) If your child has a LEGO ID already: 
  • If your child has a LEGO ID already, from using the galleries or webgames elsewhere on LEGO.com, they can log-in using that one by clicking on "ENTER" on the Club site home page.
  • Please note: this should be their LEGO ID, rather than one they share with a relative or the LEGO ID that you use for the online shop.
2) If your child does not have a LEGO ID, you will be asked to register for a LEGO ID on their behalf.
  • If you are signed in with your LEGO ID please log out first. 
  • Go to the Club site home page and click "Enter" and you will be prompted to create a LEGO ID for your child.
  • When you input your email address, try to use the same email details attached to any existing LEGO Club Subscription.
3) Give permission for your child to have a LEGO ID and to participate on the LEGO Club website.
  • When you or your child signs-up for their LEGO ID, you will be sent an email with a link to click to show you have given your consent. 
4) Give permission for your child to subscribe to LEGO Club Magazine.
  • After you have signed in with LEGO ID and entered the LEGO Club site for the first time, you will receive an email from LEGO Club with a link to LEGO Club Magazine subscription. 


If your child already has a LEGO ID, please use that to log in and enter the Club site.  From there, you can create a subscription in the PROFILE section of the BACKPACK. 

If your child does not have a LEGO ID, please create one on behalf of your child by entering the Club site.  You will be automatically prompted to create a LEGO ID and then you will receive an email guiding you through the magazine subscription process.


  • You can merge your existing LEGO Club membership with LEGO ID 
  • To do this just follow the link in the email you’ll receive from us when you start the sign-up process. You can also trigger this email in the BACKPACK navigation on the right hand side.
  • Please note that if the email address attached to your child’s original membership is different from that given for their LEGO ID, we will not be able to connect the two memberships in this way for legal and online safety reasons. In this case you can contact Customer Services at 800-453-4652. 

Going to do this when my oldest turns 4 

for sure!

A great thing to share with your nephews

 /nieces, or kids you nanny or babysit!
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