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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Converting to Crockpot

Crock pot Coversions

I came across this on Pinterest and just thought...HOW COOL!
Not sure about you all, but this could definitely make life a Good Amount easier around the kitchen, at least for me! But thought...I'd better share this!!
Just in case more of you are like me than I realize ;D

Ever Feel bound to eat out, because you will be gone on Sunday and don't have the time to prep, mix and cook dinner?? Or feel like you wont be able to have that super delicious meal you are craving because it requires you to be at home and you just wont be home that day!?

Well then, here is the answer to your long drawn out prayer--ha ha.  Crock-pot cooking time conversions from oven or stove to low or high setting of your beloved crock-pot. 

Have fun passing this one along!

Isn't this chart the coolest thing!?

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