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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mini Fall Pumpkins (recycled!)

Save those Dole fruit cups!  Made this craft a few years back and they are just the perfect touch for Fall to add to your home, or office! Also could make a fun friends gift...

These adorable D.I.Y. mini pumpkins are perfect in bringing the feeling of fall to any mantel or window sill! (not to mention bookshelves, entertainment centers, work desks, kitchen or sides tables!) With just a little bit of orange (or yellow or white...whichever you prefer ;) its enough to bring some fall flavor to your home, while also taking no time at all, which is what I am mostly about! ha

To make your mini Fall pumpkins, you will need the following:

1.) any dole brand/or off brand plastic cup (the kind you find fruit cups in at your grocery store) emptied and washed/dried, of course.
2.) spray paint of the color of your choice, or just a layer or two of acrylic paint (as I chose because that is what I had at home) and a layer of modge-podge once the paint layer has fullydried.
3.) pipe cleaner for the stem [take a push pin or sharp edge of any kind and push through top center of cup, push cut-to-size pipe cleaner through, flip over and bend flat under the cup]
4.) and ribbon to tie onto the pipe cleaner for the leaves/vine, and whoa-la! You have got your own special mini-pumpkin :)

Have Fun!
How Easy and Simple, right?!
Let me know what you think!

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