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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sun-Catching Autumn Wreath (EASY Kids craft!)

So this craft just made me smile from the minute it was hung up!
With all of the beautiful fall leaf colors and the coloring of my little one showing through the leaves when the sun hits it :) Just awesome. Not to mention, Linkyn also loooved putting it all together with mom!

What you need:
  1. 4 wooden dowels (any size and thickness)--I used 2 skinnier and two thicker from a mixed bag of dowels, similar to these here: wooden dowels sale $1.49 joann
  2. Mulberry Paper (Acid & lignin free paper)--Its a transparent hand-made kind of paper. or tissue paper if you have some around or didn't want to spend more.  This is the exact one I have, although currently out of stock: http://www.amazon.com/MULBERRY-BRIGHT-STACK-MAKERS-SCRAPBOOKERS/dp/B00384MRL0/ref=pd_sxp_f_p BUT this is the same type paper here: google search: Mulberry paper   just find the colors you want. Or check your local craft stores, such a s JOANN Fabrics and MICHAELS.
  3. Hot glue gun--gluing your four dowels in a square shape, as well as putting on the drawn, cut, and colored on leaves.
  4. Elmers glue--putting on the mulberry paper
  5. Ribbon to hot glue onto finished wreath for hanging (optional)
  6. scrap book paper (fall color) with white back (if you want to be able to see the coloring your child makes more clearly.

  • Draw some outlines of leaf shape (about 6-12 all diff sizes) on any color scrapbook paper.
  • Hot glue your dowels into a square shape while your little one colors the leaves you have drawn or printed (can print these here if you'd like: http://kilopats.net/leaf-pattern-cut-outs/ ) This is the one I used, but just drew my own to cut.
  • have your child rip up the mulberry paper (or cut if old enough) into diff size squares while you cut out the leaves.
  • place glue on diff spots of the dowel frame and have your child wrap the paper around the spot "pinching" it into place (can get sticky!)  try and alternate where the colors go to get a nice even look at the end ;)
  • then hot glue on the scrapbook paper leaves on top of the colored paper already glued.
Now,...Go hang it up in a window or glass door!

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