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Friday, October 17, 2014

Milk Jug Lanterns

Materials used:
Rinsed and dried Gallon milk jug
paints: orange, yellow, brown
paint or foam brush(es)
black sharpy
red tape (mine was a translucent one i had lying around, but any will do) OR red sharpy!
hot glue (could use elmers too, just longer to dry)
1-2 green pipe cleanerS (I think i used 2...)
purple glitter glue
sharp pairing or steak knife
candle or LED light
possibly: some rocks (for weight)

First Step:
After your jug has dried, cut through the top of the container, just lower than the top of the handle. *Would suggest cutting from the front of the jug towards the back...being sure to keep some plastic intact so that you can still have that handle be functional! BUT the part of the handle that shows from the front is also your STEM, so do not cut an even line all the way around the top!

Make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in, to get it ready...

Second Step:
Next, draw on everything you want to with your black sharpy that you can (first: jack-o-lantern face, spider web & spidey, little bat...) and put red tape to spell BEWARE, the hour glass on the black widow (or red sharpy if that's what you choose).

Then you can paint inside the pumpkins facial features yellow, and the head orange. Paint the big circle Yellow (moon!), and the stem orange.

Trace the moon and the beware with your black sharpy to help it stand out a bit.

Third Step:

Let Dry.......
Can now draw the ghost behind your BEWARE.

Now, Hot glue right over your spider web lines (gives it a bit of texture and a 2D effect, I thought)
Wrap your green pipe cleaners around the stem in any way you like. I twisted and curled mine a bit to give it a vine-look.

   You are done!   

Just put in your light/candle and any weights (rocks) around the light to keep it grounded (if not so great weather were to come around) 

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