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Monday, October 28, 2013

Witch's Cauldron TEA LIGHT HOLDER [recycled]

To make your very own Cauldron Tea Light holder, you will need:
  1. Tea light!
  2. Small cauldron---I got mine from a Michaels, a good few years back (and when it was 50% off! yes!) for about 3-5$ at the most...on sale ;)  but I found the very same one online at a few different sites, but all about $10: http://www.candycrate.com/halloween-hot-chocolate-cauldron-tin.html?gclid=COLVzNKauroCFclDMgodNFEAyQ click on this site...or google 'hot chocolate caudron' and you can see all the others for the same price (or more!)  
**If $10 seems to be more than you'd like to spend...I would suggest waiting until after Halloween to see if they go on sale, but if money isnt an issue for you and you want to use the hot chocolate as a Halloween 'event' for your family or friends this Halloween then GO FOR IT! It is a treat and a craft!!

    3. Glitter and Elmers glue for the potion/brew center! (any neon or Halloween color would do: green, red, orange...) I used purple :P
    4.  Spray paint (or acrylic paint and a coat of Modge Podge---what I used because that is what I had around)
    5. Any embellishments, although I used some adhesive gem clusters (come with a sticky back and in cluster just the way you see in the photo)


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