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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Black Widow! [RECYCLED]--eASY kID'S cRAFT!

hALLoWEen is Coming! 

How to make your very own widow...
You will need:
  1. Black pipe cleaners
  2. party bead necklace + scissors (each bead you cut is one spider eye!)
  3. egg carton (one egg spot is one spider's body)
  4. 4 red 'rain drop' shaped beads (fangs and red hour glass)
  5. hot glue gun to attach all pieces   (put a huge layer of hot glue under the bottom to form a nice solid piece that will keep your legs in place)
  1. *Black acrylic or spray paint (optional) to color the spiders body black
Have fun!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Such a timeless and easy project !

What you need to make a TANK-TOTE:
  1. Any new or old tank top of your choosing
  2. Preferrably a sewing machine (although you could sew by hand if needed)
  3. Any fabric scraps, button-pins, iron-on patches, etc...to attach where desired!

  • Iron on anything you would like added as decor first (to make it easier on yourself)
  • Take tank and turn it inside out
  • Sew the bottom of the tank closed by about a half in. or so.
  • Add all fabric scraps (tie around handles) button-pins, etc.


Additional ideas: 
Make one in several colors, or different patterns!
Make one for a 'sleep over' bag :)
One for the beach or pool...
babysitters 'fun' bag (with treats & activities inside) <3
use one as a reusable grocery bag!
Quiet/activity bag for church ;)
Library Bag [>
~Use as a gift bag or gift alone ~

Have fun and be creative! 
The list could go on and on...

What do yo think? 
Have you made your own tank tote yet?

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Treat Tins! [recycled] (for any occasion or holiday!)

Up-cycle your formula cans (or any other you have around) into adorable treat gifts!

What you'll need to make some of your own treat tins:

1.)Any  container that you can fit a good size treat in :) (cleaned out well)
2.)Scrap book paper + scissors for cutting it down to size (fitting paper to the can)
3.)Curling ribbon is best, but any ribbon should do the job (to tie on the note)
4.) whole punch (string the ribbon though and then the note)
5.) hot glue gun (attach the paper to can)
*6.) glitter glue for extra fun and detail to your treat cans!(optional)

Happy Gifting!

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