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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cothes Pin Mirror Decor

This craft not only turned out just as I'd hoped for, but it was very inexpensive and pretty easy too! With that said, its totally up my usual alley! I saw the idea on pinterest and thought I would give it a chance.

 Hope you enjoy making yours and adding it to your own decor :D

  2. a bag or two of wooden clothes pins (my oval mirror took 46, but depending on the size and shape of yours...it will vary) Got mine from walmart. walmart $1.88! and free instore pickup picture shown below
  3. circle or oval shape mirror (I found some framed mirrors at the .99 cent store and easily popped out the mirrors...cant beat that price! but you can also use a coupon and buy from jonns or michaels or even but a custer of  mirrors like these here...and its a great price for this may mirrors (could be an awesome display/decor piece, no?!)7-pc mirror set $13.99 picture shown below
  4. Scrapbook paper (or fabric scraps)OPTIONAL if wanting to add color or pattern --like in the collage above. 
  5. scissors 
  6. ruler + pencil
  7. hot glue (for twine or ribbon attaching to the back for wall hanging)
  8. twine or ribbon

  1. Count how many pins you need (per mirror if more than one/different sizes)
  2. Decide if you want them lined up evenly or staggered? (see picture at the top)
  3. if adding paper follow directions below
  4. trace the amount of strips of paper you need around one pin. (count out how many of eachpattern you want/need if doing more than one colore or print of paper)
  5. cut them out...when cutting be sure to cut on the inside of your lines to have a more fitting strip when glueing to your wooden pin
  6.  when you are putting each paper strip on, lay one on top of the pin to see if any side or part needs trimming, then brush the back with your glue and flatten it on the pin with our fingers.
  7. let dry for about 20min. and then arrange your pins around the edge of your mirror/s 
  8. flip over carefully and hot glue on your thin ribbon or twine for hanging!
I thought I was originally was going to hang these in our laundry room, which would look super cute (and i may make more in the future  hah) but I liked them alot in our main living space, so for now...this is where they will stay :)

What do you all think?

Have Fun ;)

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