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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

Need something fun for
your Dining table this year?

Check out these awesome Eclectic Napkin rings!!

made these like three years ago?
...super cheap and fun to make!

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

All you need is:

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

Whats fun is that you can use any variety of bead colors and types for this project, as well as any color shower rings. I went with some clear ones beacuse I was looking for a kind of softer color to go with the more fun and colorful 'boho-chic' styled beads.

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

I really love the fun look and beautiful colors. 
Turned out great and it was way too easy!

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

Here are a bunch of different shots to see the different shapes and color combinations that are brought together when used all together to fill your table settings...

DIY eclectic napkin rings

DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

Personally I love these colors for any Holiday table setting!
 Gives it a fun vintage touch :D
DIY Eclectic Napkin rings

What do you think?!

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Seasonal Dry-Erase Coloring Book (Free Printable coloring pages!)

I made these books a couple years ago when my oldest son started to color, because I wanted some more fun festive and quiet activity ideas. I added some other new pages I came across this year, and thought I would share the collection of my favorites from around the internet world (so far) with you! 

My mom-in-law made us some awesome church themed ones and some learning ones that my kids have loved using in church, and so I of course loved them too because it kept them QUIET, BUSY, LEARNING, and then EASY CLEAN UP for me...as well as RE-USABLE time and time again. So I wanted to make some of my own and figured a Seasonal one would be awesome and fun all year round. Not only to learn the seasons, but also add some extra fun around the holidays ;)

 If you didn't catch all those awesome reasons to make your kids one of these books...here they are below + more!

  1. Quiet
  2. Busy
  3. Learning
  4. Easy Clean-up
  5. Reusable
  6. Great GIFT idea
  7. Great for Travel/Portable
  8. great for wide range of ages
  9. Can hand out to kids in many settings (school, church, play group, parties, holidays...) *keep a binder of your collection and just make copies of the ones you want and the number you need and you can always have some festive ones on hand for whatever event that comes along!
  10. Can keep dry-erase crayons in the binder in a binder pencil pouch (keeps everything in one place)
  11. Doesn't cost a whole lot. 

All of these things you can get at the dollar store, unless you opt to getting some more sturdy page protectors (as I have done). 

Since you do want it to hold up for some time (dollar tree ones I have gotten in the past are the best quality for this kind of thing, but can still work)

Items Needed:

  • Binder
  • dry-erase crayons ( come with a rag to wipe away)
like these from oriental trading.com for 3.89
or just go grab yours at the dollar tree!

Here are the links to the sites where I collected my favorite seasonal Coloring pages to make my dry-erase book! 

Some extra ones also added at the bottom :)







and this Popsicle picture!


This site has some really CUTE ones and ones
 that are also great for a little bit of fun learning too!

The 3 I chose were the ones below, on pages 1, 3, and 5:

Pg 1

Pg 3

Pg 5

Winnie the pooh and tigger

Found on parents.com

My favorite Free Printable Sites used for this project are:

The other sites used can be seen when you click on the link below the photo!

Thanks for the fun free prints!

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