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Friday, October 9, 2015

The friendly Ghost

The friendly Ghost

Made this fun and friendly ghost a while back and it seems to give that fun and simple touch each time I get out the decorations for Halloween. Super easy and wont cost you much, if anything...because I had these things lying around! Scroll below to see what little materials you'll need.

The friendly Ghost

The friendly Ghost

Materials to make your own friendly ghost:

  • white wash cloth
  • poly-fill (or some stuffing like it)
  • buttons and hot glue gun
  • white pipe cleaner (you could really use anything you have/like...)
  • green sparkling apple cider bottle (or any colored wine bottle that you like)
  • piece of scrap book paper
  • take wash cloth and place desired amount of stuffing in the center
  • bunch it together and kinda fold it in half below the head (like where the neck would be ;)
  • take your pipe cleaner, place the ghosts neck about 1/3 IN from the end of the pipe cleaner (to allow for extra pipe cleaner after twisting to create loop for hanging!) and snugly wrap it and then twist the pipe cleaner until secure...
  • then, take the end of the pipe cleaner and bend it to become a loop, tuck in under the noose and twist it/cover it.
  • cut piece of  paper to size of the flat section of your bottle
  • hot glue ends to bottle (*and use scissors to flatten once the paper touched the hot glue!)
  • Hang your ghost!

This was a post I did on our sisters blog a while back (that seems to have become dormant...so until its revived...here is some old time fun!) Feel free to check out some fun decor and recipes there also at http://threetimesthelady.blogspot.com/

**I have some more pictures from this year, using it as a vase for spooky plants, will post soon!

Hope you are having a festive Fall!

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