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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Recycled Window Snowflakes!

Recycled window Snowflakes!

Recycled window Snowflakes!

Recycled window Snowflakes!

To make your own recycled snowflakes, you will need:

  1. clear packing tape
  2. white paper (or color of choice)
  3. scissors
  4. window cling suction hooks (like picture) or just plain ol' scotch tape!
      5. creativity :)

  1. Simply cut circles of the size snowflakes you would like to display (or many sizes, as I have done)
  2. Then fold your circles a couple to few times...and cut shapes and things to create a unique snowflake :)
  3. Once all snow flakes are cut, lay strips of packing tape across the top of your flake, slightly over lapping to create a nice good home-made 'lamination'.--making sure to have your strips of tape being slightly longer than your flakes, to allow for room to cut off the excess tape, creating a nice circle finish.
  4. Once all flakes are laminated, either use a few rolled up pieces of scotch tape and stick to your window, or buy some suction hooks[bought mine at a 'Honks' store here in provo...for 88 cents! (as I did in my pics for this year), both options look very nice :)

Recycled window Snowflakes!

Yay! Your own winter wonderland!

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