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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Up-cycled Owl Decor (Formula can!)

Up-cycled Owl Decor (Formula can!)

Up-cycled Owl Decor (Formula can!)

Isn't he just too cute!? This awesome-ly up-cycled formula can can transform your childs room/party!

All you need to make your very own (or family of...) Owl can(s) is:
  1. Formula can(s)
  2. Scrapbook paper
  3. modgepodge or elmers glue
  4. hot glue gun
  5. juice top lids (or milk tops, etc)
  6. buttons (eyes)
  7. scissors
Optional :
Fun edged scissors
a heavy substance to fill it with (if using as book ends)

  • Cut paper to fit the formula can all the way around
  • hot glue the edge/seam in the back (used scissors to smooth over the paper once hot glue is put under the flap)
  • cut other shapes for the eyes, chest, beak and tummy out of desired papers
  • Use the Elmer's Glue to glue the chest, beak, and tummy papers on first
  • Then use Elmer's glue the eye paper of choice inside the lids, then the buttons with hot glue.
  • Cut two matching triangles (Eye brows) and two medium size (narrow-like) half circles for the two wings.
  • hot glue on the the lids to the can (over the can lid if possible)
  • then hot glue on the eye brows to the back of the lids (eyes)
  • last, take the top of your wing and put up right next to the lid/eye...hot glue that top piece...then take the bottom piece and wrap slightly towards the back and bottom of the can...and just a tad upward until you get the paper to 'bubble' a little (giving it that space between the can and the wing)
And you are done! 

Uses for this Owl Can:
Treats/gift inside (party favor or gift box)
table top or shelf decor (room or party)
book ends!

Once you make one...the next ones are even more of a breeze to do ;) Now all that is left is to find the perfect place to set it!

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