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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gerber baby food lids (recycled) Matching Game!

Gerber baby food lids (recycled) Matching Game!

Gerber baby food lids (recycled) Matching Game!

Started collecting these lids around the beginning of 2014 (last year). When you have little ones, it seems as if there can never be too many jars in your cupboards! When I saw just how stinkin' cute these little critters were I had to find a way to re-use them!! So...because I just was getting more and more each week...I decided matching was the way to go! Just kept track of which ones I had before I left to the store the next time...and tried to find the ones I needed still (one or both of the doggy, etc...) My oldest (3 1/2) loves to match and stack them...and my 2 year old loves to dump them out of the container and "clean-up!, Clean-up!" or toss them in baskets and carry them around ;)

And if you didn't notice, their is even a reindeer one at the top of the picture. So I made an Ornament with it!! I will put that picture up soon to show ya!!

Hope your little ones will enjoy this too!

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