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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your 'Mummy' & Daddy Love you FREE Printable Valentine! (single mom version also!)

Your 'Mummy' & Daddy Love you FREE Printable Valentine!

So I got the idea for this fun printable because...long story short...As I just recently mentioned in my last Free Valentine Printable's post...I stash things away! To use at a later date (from hand-me- downs, to fast food toys, etc)

 This printable is inspired by the Wendy's toy I hid from my kids back in December! ;) (From the Night at the museum toys collection)

I love that this is an activity based valentine. Adds a bit of adventure to the day ;)

Scroll to the bottom for the 'Mummy Loves you' version

Your 'Mummy' & Daddy Love you FREE Printable Valentine!

If you are unable to find your own mummy toy or activity, here are a few printable ideas you could put in your kids vday basket:

Provide masking tape, paper, and glue to make an EASY mummy craft!

 Here is what I call the 'Single Mom' Version below ;)
Sorry this doesn't exactly work for a single daddy...

Your 'Mummy' Love's you FREE Printable Valentine!

Click here to get you own (just Mummy) Free Printable! (3x5)

Any youngsters you know who 
would LOVE this on Valentine's Day?!
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