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Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Potty chart Printables! (Boy and girl)

So these are the Two Potty charts I am using right now to potty train my oldest son. Yes, two!...seems like its unnecessary, but originally I printed both in case one didn't keep his interest enough...and so that I would have a back up plan. He is actually doing really well though! and decided to use both... so I just rotate between the two. When he gets to the treasure chest then we start over on the ice cream cone path! Its fun for him :) 

There is a few different versions on this site, Boy & Girl, Longer & Shorter. Adorable, but if I remember right I couldn't get the shorter ones to download properly...or upload to Costco to print in the correct size without being cut off... or something like that...  So unless you are printing at home, you may need to only do the larger size of the pirate charts (11x14) like this one below (girl & boy versions). I made my prints at Costco to have a more durable quality to be able to last (hopefully) through all my boys potty training days;)

Also, with this one, you can choose to have 15 be your last space or have the 16th time he/she goes potty be what lands them on the chest ;)

Free Potty chart Printables! (Boy and girl)

Now one thing I noticed from the ice cream cone path/chart (below) that I loved is that there are spaces that have a lollipop on it. So this is a fun EXTRA thing that adds a bit of excitement along the way(small treat of some kind...we are doing one M&M :). So to incorporate that onto (the longer version of) the pirates map (above) I just took a marker (dry erase in case I ever wanted to change the placement---future kids or something...) and put a dot next to space 5, 10 , and 15. So each time he lands on those numbers he knows he can have an M&M :D

For the ice cream potty chart...I printed it in a 5x7 size and its great. What we do in our house for the 'prize'...is when he gets to the treasure chest he can have an M&M as well as watch an episode of his favorite show. When he gets to the ice cream cone, he can either have some ice cream (make some or have a scoop of store bought...) I wouldn't suggest going to get an ice cream each time they get to the end only because once your kid starts getting the hang of things, that might seem like a bit much of a hassle, too often! haha

Free Potty chart Printables!

I hope these charts can help you as well in bringing some fun to the potty training stage. Just figure out what they would REALLY REALLY want (or what they ask you for regularly/excite over), use that as the bait (prize) and it will then become enticing!


**Now on to figuring out how to keep him from night wetting! ha  
If you have any suggestions, I'm ALL EARS**

Aren't these charts too cute?!

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