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Friday, December 5, 2014

Wash Cloth Snowmen Ornaments

      So, I made these in 2008. 
Cannot believe its been that long, wow!

   I bought the 18 pack of wash cloths from Walmart (link above) and figured I would make a whole bunch and gift them! 
   So I did, and gave them to Siblings, and friends, people at church, etc. 

They all thought they were too cute too! 

Scroll below for the folding directions! 
Super easy...

But you will FIRST need:

A Wash Cloth
 (or another fabric for your nose, hats/earmuffs)
fabric scrap (For scarf)
googly eyes
hot glue gun
twine (for hanging)
 (or some other stuffing for inside your washcloth snowman)
twigs or straws (for your arms)

Waving Straw Arms

Once you have folded your snowman and made your hats, the rest is totally up to you! Get creative :)

What do you think of them!??

I also placed a couple on a mantle, loved them!

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