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Saturday, November 1, 2014

'Give Thanks' Blocks

So I had some of these cedar wood blocks laying around, and thought they would be perfect for a fall craft! 

What you'll need:

This is exactly the kind that I used (same thickness and size) but you could always go get some wood pieces cut at Lowe's or home depot in ANY height you want. Just keep a decent width to allow them to stand on their own ;)

Wood Blocks of some kind 
(I have 12 total, to spell give thanks and the two fun ones)
(lots of colors of your choosing)
Scrapbook paper
Modge-Podge OR Elmers glue 
(clear drying) for a top finishing coat


Paint your blocks background colors
I alternated colors with both words 
(My GIVE=creamy orange and then creamy yellow. My THANKS=creamy green and then creamy orange) and also only painted my front and rounded sides--left tops and bottom paint free.

Then choose a (totally different) color to be the color directly behind the letters 
(mine is a nice light-med. brown color)

Free hand some bubble letters 
(spelling out 'give thanks', don't worry about cutting out a center
 for your g, e, and a if you don't want to)

Glue on your letters

Paint on any last finishing touches
for example 'stitch' markings or polka dots...
OR a couple fun blocks (like my turkey and pumpkins)

Let totally dry and seal with your modge-podge!

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