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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spooky Spices { Up-cycled }

  • All you do is PRINT labels, 
  • CUT OUT how you'd like, 
  • GLUE (or modge-podge) backs of your printables to your containers! 
*May want to put on some back ground paper before your labels, like I have done, if your containers do not perfectly fit the size of your label, or if their is something on your bottle/container you would like covered up...

 [ALSO--may need to put glue on the outside of the bottles you need to shape the paper around (like decoupage--had to do for my smaller and rounded bottles...spider cider container and fresh blood container) This helps wet the paper enough to shape it to stick! doesn't need to lay perfectly flat. Some crinkles here and there give it that authentic look ;)
  • Let DRY!  and place them on your stove, or anywhere you like for that hint of Spook ;D

Free Printable Labels! 

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