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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Witch Hat Cookie Decorating

All You need is:

Sugar Cones

(a few different colors)
I mixed my own:lime green, pink and purple

Plastic knives and plates 
to put hats on before decorating

Sugar cookies
I bought some medium size ones from Walmart, but large ones would be pretty awesome! (bigger brim)

(a few different colors made it fun)
I had red, green, yellow, and a rainbow mix

Candies to embellish!
I used candy corn, but many candies would be extra fun!

This super simple idea turned out to be soo much fun, and a fun cousin reunion activity at that :D We decorated for a good 45 min-1 hour. 
I got enough cookies to let the kids each decorate two, and then eat of course (if they even wanted to). 

Yours could end up being just too pretty to eat! ;)

What do ya think?!?

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