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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowmen Trio [Recycled-- Puff containers!]

What you need:

1.Styro-foam or wood base   *OPTIONAL
I put four tooth picks in between these two random packing pieces of foam I had lying around, and then cut out a poster board paper to elmer's glue to the top (to allow all others pieces to be attached without melting through the foam)
2. Clear or shiny flat marbles/stones
3. Elmers AND hot glue gun
4.Fabric: scraps (scarves)
5. Baby/toddler socks (hat/beanie)---got mine at the dollar store---
6. Buttons
7. Sharpie markers
8. Cotton ball cut in half (for ear muffs) and glitter (dip in elmers glue first)
9. Orange juice caps (hats)


  1. Empty containers and clean out well
  2. Tie on scarves, and then draw faces on! (to make sure you don't draw its face to low and it be covered by the scarf!)
  3. Hot glue on your buttons and head accessories (hats, muffs)
  4. Glue container bases to your base (where my blue circles are in the picture below!)---or just have them free standing (separately or together around your home)
  5. *If you chose to have a base to glue them onto, then this is when you will want to hot glue and lay down your flat marbles, in a two layer process (check above pics)

TA-DA!  :D

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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