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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Such a timeless and easy project !

What you need to make a TANK-TOTE:
  1. Any new or old tank top of your choosing
  2. Preferrably a sewing machine (although you could sew by hand if needed)
  3. Any fabric scraps, button-pins, iron-on patches, etc...to attach where desired!

  • Iron on anything you would like added as decor first (to make it easier on yourself)
  • Take tank and turn it inside out
  • Sew the bottom of the tank closed by about a half in. or so.
  • Add all fabric scraps (tie around handles) button-pins, etc.


Additional ideas: 
Make one in several colors, or different patterns!
Make one for a 'sleep over' bag :)
One for the beach or pool...
babysitters 'fun' bag (with treats & activities inside) <3
use one as a reusable grocery bag!
Quiet/activity bag for church ;)
Library Bag [>
~Use as a gift bag or gift alone ~

Have fun and be creative! 
The list could go on and on...

What do yo think? 
Have you made your own tank tote yet?

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